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Primacoustic provides solutions to acoustical problems in rooms.  Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which products to use to solve specific problems.  This is where an acoustic specialist can assist.  Primacoustic is now offering this service online and free via their website.  Simply click here or click the orange "get a quote" button their website and fill in the form.  Installers, contractors, studio owners, home theatre owners and consumers of all types can fill in the form and send requests for analysis.

The process is as follows:

  1. Customer completes form
  2. A Primacoustic acoustic specialist will engage with the customer to review their needs
  3. Primacoustic Tech Team will then produce a product requirement list

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Creating the magic of a movie theatre at home

Go to any movie theatre and you will notice acoustic treatment covering a large percentage of the walls. Chairs are soft and well padded. The sound system is nothing short of impressive.  The whole room has been carefully crafted to work as a single system and when properly put together, the combined experience of a powerful visual presentation, good acting and great sound becomes an emotional ride that can take you away, make you laugh or keep you riveted on the edge of your seat.

In a movie theatre, the room acoustics play a critical role in making sure that everyone can clearly hear the dialogue, no matter where they are seated.  By eliminating near-wall reflections, those seated at the edges are not fighting to detect the sound from the speakers versus the sound reflecting off the walls.  The padded seats have been carefully designed to be comfortable, and when not in use, they help control bass.  When a theatre is properly treated, it improves our ability to comprehend what is being said.  This is known as 'intelligibility'.

A home theatre installation is no different, only smaller.  With a little planning on panel positioning, the sound in a room can be dramatically improved, adding excitement to every event for your customer while making it look terrific too!

Treating the acoustics in Restaurants

There is nothing more frustrating than being in a restaurant where you have to shout across the table in effort to be heard.  The problem is caused by hard reflective surfaces such as windows, metal rooves and woodwork that reflect the energy back into the room.  As more and more patrons fill the restaurant, the ambient sound level increases to the point that it becomes uncomfortably loud.  For many diners the experience is so daunting, they will simply never return.

In restaurants, the challenge is balancing the introduction of the required acoustic panels with aesthetic issues such as the room decor, lighting and the vibe of the venue.  Truth is: architects and interior designers have 'a vision' and this needs to be interpreted to ensure the right acoustic elements are included to make the room sound right.  The solution is actually quite simple using acoustic panels spread around the room wherever space allows, using between 15% to 25% wall coverage will achieve reasonable results.

Primacoustic offers several solutions in the form of wall panels, hanging baffles, suspended clouds and architecturally appealing lanterns, to address the architectural elements and allow much more scope for the designer.


Cloud PaintablesTM

PaintablesTM absorptive acoustic panels include a collection of exciting shapes that can be used as ceiling clouds, baffles or wall panels to reduce reverberation and improve intelligibility. The unique shapes and sizes open the door for architects, designers and installers to present clients with creative solutions that are bold, yet architecturally pleasing. 

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